Big news!


I guess I should make it official and announce the exciting new development for Bmore Nestled:

Starting this month, we are going to be apart of the Stylish Patina monthly Barn Sales in Frederick, Md.!!!!

It has been a huge honor for me to be able to participate in these sales. I’ve had my eye on Stylish Patina and some of the other vendors, like Persephone, for quite a while now, and I’m beyond thrilled to be working with them!

I’ve been super busy getting my inventory up for my big move in on Sunday (hello rental van again. Someone needs to talk my husband into buying us a minivan). Check out our Facebook page tonight to see pictures of my ridiculously packed house, some new items, and the chaos my life has become.

In other news, I’m still working on getting a newsletter out, but I just can’t seem to find a newsletter program for free. I have it written, it’s just patiently waiting to be sent. By the end of the week, I promise to get it out to you all. There’s still time to get on the mailing list to get a 10% off coupon code to the etsy store. Just email me at with your email address!


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