My Gandmother’s House

My grandmother’s house is unlike any other house I’ve ever seen. Now it’s just your basic post WW2 quick construction, small kitchen, rounded door ways. But my grandmother was never terribly domestic, and the last time she decorated was the ’60s. Check out these pictures I snapped over Thanksgiving and revel in the glorious (and the not so glorious) mid-century modern.

There’s my family sitting in the living room. That green couch and that orange shag carpet and those rust colored chairs. This place is like a time capsule for 1960s decor. I really do love that mid-century modern china closet, though.

It wasn’t until I started taking these pictures that I realized that every light switch in the house was a big ornate decorative plate. It’s funny the little things you never notice that you see all the time. And that’s a heck of a big record player, that I don’t believe she’s ever turned on in my 27 years of life.

The word’s tiniest kitchen. Now she did have to replace the oven a few ears ago, but I love that there’s so many original appliances left. The Hotpoint range, and I want that can opener for my kitchen someday.

And finally my favorite room in the house, the bathroom. Just take all that in. The green toilet, the green carpet, the cherub wallpaper next to the faux brick accent wall. Where did these design elements come from? Those tiny swan soaps behind each faucet have probably been there for 40 years, no lie. But that seashell plant holder, seriously. Although I swear to god Pottery Barn was selling a plant basket almost identical a few years ago (it made the email rounds to all the cousins), so maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

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Let the Holiday Crafting Begin!


Here’s my latest Annie Sloan project, soon to be completed in Duck Egg Blue. I would have a picture of the finished product for you, but last night I was having an awful time with a few spots on the top where something was seeping through the paint. Then I tried to prime just those spots, and I didn’t wait long enough for the primer to dry and then the paint was too light. Then I sanded and tried to touch up that spot, and again didn’t wait long enough and for some reason there was wax involved and long story short, I’m going to have to sand the entire thing down and repaint the top.

But that’s the fun of these projects, right? The mistakes and experiments and then finally seeing an awesome finished product. I’m just not at the finished product yet.

Still in love with the Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. In fact, after I gave up on the dresser top for the night I painted another semi-circle table for my upstairs hallway. The first one already made it up to The Barn for the December sale. I’m still as impressed with the paint and obsessed with Florence.

Well it’s the day before Thanksgiving, which means Christmas crafting can officially begin! Here’s a few links to my favorite blogs/projects to help everyone get in the holiday spirit.

Eat, Drink, Chic
These are super cute free holiday printables, from gift tags to ornaments. This site has just about any free printable for any occasion you can think of, so I highly recommend checking this out if you’re hosting any events this season.

Gifts in a Jar
Have a ton of neighbors? A thousand cousins? Here’s a great collection of simple but adorable gifts in a jar. Cheap, easily mass produced and you can decorate the jar to personalize!

DIY Snow Globe
I made some of these last week, and they’re about as adorable as they can be. It was super fun to find all the different jars to make into winter wonderlands. I did a salt shaker and a sugar bowl too!

Primitive and Proper
Primitive and Proper is the blog of the lovely Cassie who also is part of The Barn. Her blog is wonderful, and she just posted an awesome idea to use all those old cookie cutters you inherited from your mother/grandmother. You could spend hours looking through her posts, and don’t miss out on her house tour. It’s stunning. There’s not too much that makes me want a big house and leave the city, but I’m way jealous of her place!

My First Annie Sloan Experience


I probably should have taken this picture before I painted. I’m not the neatest painter.

From the first time I really explored furniture upcycling, I kept hearing all this chatter about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. The rave reviews, boasting it was the easiest to work with, the smoothest finish, all in all the best furniture paint on the market.

I fought it. I won’t lie, the price scared me away. Honestly, paying about twice as much as I usually pay for a quart of paint didn’t sound appealing to me. I wasn’t falling for some trend, some great marketing campaign Ms. Sloan put out. I didn’t need that.

I experimented with several typical enamel based paint, and really fell for Behr. Not the priciest brand, but truly the best quality and fullest coverage I found. And I was happy with it, and never thought I was straying.

Then I saw Annie Sloan’s Florence on a chair at The Barn. And I fell head over heels for the color. I have a big soft spot for the blue/green/teal/turquoise color scheme (as my house shows) and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. After obsessing over the color for a month, I broke down and bought a sample of it at the Stylish Patina Barn this weekend.

I was doubtful when I was told a mere 4 fl. ounces would paint an entire small end table, especially after they told me I didn’t need to prime my piece first. But I trusted the lovely Terri from The Barn enough to give it a shot.

So here’s what I started with

Awesome little table we picked up at an estate sale!

I sanded the top slightly since there was a pretty slick finish and I wanted to rough it up just a little to make sure the paint had a good surface to grab on to. Then I started painting. It didn’t take me long to realize the reviews were right. I couldn’t believe how much coverage I was getting without even priming first.

And then I moved onto the spindle legs. I hate spindles. I have been know to pass up on an awesome piece of furniture because it involves spindles. I swear they are the bane of my existence. But to my surprise and delight, they were almost as easy as the top. Before I knew it, I had the first coat on, and it looked like this:


Now if I was going for a distressed look, I could have stopped right there, taken my sanding block to a few corners and called it a day. No lie. In one coat I had enough coverage to stop if I wanted a slightly worn and weathered look. And it was the easiest application I had ever done.

I let it dry for only about 20 minutes and started the second coat. It went on just as smooth and covered everything. Words cannot describe how impressed I am with this paint. After the second coat, here is my finished product:


I love the yellow flowers against the color of the table. The pictures don’t really do the color justice at all. It is rich and beautiful I want to paint it on a wall in my bedroom.

How adorable is that?! Such a great pop of stunning color for any bare wall. I’m in love. And after it was all said and done, I still have nearly half of my paint sample left.


I can’t believe how much I liked working with this paint. I now completely understand why the price is what it is. Between saving on primer and the extra coats, it may end up being cheaper in the long run anyway. Plus, I completed this project in at least half the time it would have taken me doing it my old way. And really, as busy as I am these days, you can’t really put a price on my time.

My advice, if you’ve been shy about Annie Sloan Chalk Paint for any reason, don’t be. It is a great quality product that makes the upcycling process crazy easy. It goes on smooth and leaves a rich finish. I expect to be exploring many more colors, but really, I may end up painting everything I own Florence.

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I’m Officially the World’s Worst Blogger


Almost a month since my last post. I should be ashamed. Truth is, I’ve never been good at this kind of thing. Being an English major and considering writing my first art form, blogging should be easy peasy. Instead I focus too much on the tone of the post and how meaningful the content is, and I end up overwhelming myself. Not to mention that the left side of my brain is so disfunctional that trying to make me do anything consistently and scheduled is pretty much useless.

I feel like I’m in high school again trying to write a journal and only filling up 6 pages before giving up.

But anyway

Things have been moving quickly for Bmore Nestled. The Stylish Patina Barn has been taking up a lot of my time, but sales were great last month! November’s sale is this weekend, so stop out Friday through Sunday for some great furniture, home decor and holiday gifts. I’ve got some amazing pieces up, including a green vanity that I secretly hope no one buys because it needs to be in my guest room.

Working full time, getting The Barn ready and completing custom orders is almost more than I can handle right now, so unfortunately my etsy shop is taking a little vacation. Hopefully in the next week or two I can get it up and running. But until then, check out my Facebook page to keep updated on all my latest projects.

Thanks for being so patient with my totally flakey blogging, and I promise to post more than once a month! Hope to see everyone this weekend at The Stylish Patina Barn, I’m working Saturday and Sunday!