My Gandmother’s House

My grandmother’s house is unlike any other house I’ve ever seen. Now it’s just your basic post WW2 quick construction, small kitchen, rounded door ways. But my grandmother was never terribly domestic, and the last time she decorated was the ’60s. Check out these pictures I snapped over Thanksgiving and revel in the glorious (and the not so glorious) mid-century modern.

There’s my family sitting in the living room. That green couch and that orange shag carpet and those rust colored chairs. This place is like a time capsule for 1960s decor. I really do love that mid-century modern china closet, though.

It wasn’t until I started taking these pictures that I realized that every light switch in the house was a big ornate decorative plate. It’s funny the little things you never notice that you see all the time. And that’s a heck of a big record player, that I don’t believe she’s ever turned on in my 27 years of life.

The word’s tiniest kitchen. Now she did have to replace the oven a few ears ago, but I love that there’s so many original appliances left. The Hotpoint range, and I want that can opener for my kitchen someday.

And finally my favorite room in the house, the bathroom. Just take all that in. The green toilet, the green carpet, the cherub wallpaper next to the faux brick accent wall. Where did these design elements come from? Those tiny swan soaps behind each faucet have probably been there for 40 years, no lie. But that seashell plant holder, seriously. Although I swear to god Pottery Barn was selling a plant basket almost identical a few years ago (it made the email rounds to all the cousins), so maybe I have no idea what I’m talking about.

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