We’re Using Power Tools Now

I can’t say enough about my husband’s involvement in Bmore Nestled. He’s always there when I need him to carry something heavy, take a day off his real job to work the Barn, or spend date night at the auction house. But more and more lately, he has great ideas for products for us too.
Here’s his latest project, and I have to say it’s awesome. A number of old doors came our way, and he came up with turning them into corner shelving units. They turned out great!
Now I didn’t take before pictures. Gasp I know, I know. But here’s a picture of something pretty darn close. The important part is if you’re going to try this at home is that the doors have vertical panels.

We started with this:


We ended up with this:

My husband and his dad worked on these for a few days over Thanksgiving, and I wish I could give you more details on how they were made, but my only role in this was cleaning the filthy doors, painting and picking out hardware (thank you Hobby Lobby! I couldn’t find any old door handles anywhere). They did let me use a power drill at one point, but that lasted about 3 minutes. I think it was mostly a photo op.

There’s my father-in-law. He’d kill me if he knew I posted his picture on the Internet, but I had to give him credit for all his hard work! He’s really a great guy and could figure out just about any project you bring to him.

The doors are available this weekend at The Barn! Don’t forget to stop on out and check out all of our awesome holiday decor as well.