DIY Custom Mixed Color Drum Table Makeover

closeup of mint drum table with glass knobA few weeks ago I found a beautiful French Provincial chest of drawers on an online “yard sale” Facebook page, and jumped at the chance to snatch it up. It had been a while since I’ve gotten my hands on any real Frenchy pieces, so I was thrilled. We drove the 25 minute cross town drive on a Saturday morning, and got a little queazy when we saw it was on the third floor with a very tiny stairwell. We climbed to the top, and the woman yelled that it was in the back bedroom.

Except it wasn’t.

I yelled back that I didn’t see it. She, quite flustered, ran in the room, noted the missing dresser, and began apologizing for her no good brother, who apparently raided the house sometime recently. It was their mother’s house and things have been confusing.

A little irritated, but understanding of the situation, Tommy and I made our way out, and this drum table caught our eye in the corner. The woman offered it to us got free for our 50 minutes of driving for nothing, but we did pay her for it. I just hope she didn’t give any to her brother.

Here’s the before picture. As you can see it had potential, but was pretty boring. Drum table makeover beforeNow I really wanted a subtle color, but something with a little punch. I decided to go with a custom color I’ve used a handful of times. Equal parts Annie Sloan Louis Blue and Annie Sloan English Yellow makes a stunning pale mint color, and I love it. I rarely mix my own paint, but this color is worth it. I have an old, tall plastic food container that I put lines on with a sharpie, marking the one cup level and the two cup level. This makes mixing equal parts so easy.

paintThe custom color goes on the same way as any other Annie Sloan. I painted two coats, watering down my second coat with a few tablespoons of water to make the finish a little more smooth. Once the paint dried, I lightly sanded and distressed the piece with a medium grit sandpaper and sealed the paint with Johnson Paste Wax. I buffed the piece with a fine grit sanding block to blend the paint and wax together and give a strong finish.

And here is how she looks! I love this color, and it’s worth the extra work to custom mix it. Of course, she’s headed to Sweet Clover for the sale starting this Friday!FinishedFinished


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